Fascias, Soffits and Gutters

Just below the roof tiles is the roofline of your property. There are four main areas of interest at this point of your property that our experts can discuss with you.


  • Fascia boards are mounted to the outer wall of your property where the roof meets the outer walls. The fascia board carries the main sections gutters around the property.


  • The soffit boards are secured to the property underneath the fascia. From a street level the soffits are usually the most visible boards on the roofline. Our experts will advise on the options available, but it is vital that your roof is properly ventilated to avoid moisture traps leading to timber decay and rot. The options for ventilation can either be from the soffits or from ventilation placed above the fascia boards.


  • Gutters come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours. Our professionals will discuss the options with you to ensure that you are informed on what is available. They will then make recommendations for your property based on what they think is most suitable.


  • Bargeboards are placed on the gable end of the house. These bargeboards come in a wide range of shapes and have evolved over recent years. They are now very much a part of the look of a house and can be aesthetically appealing with many attractive designs and shapes.

A comprehensive approach to ensure your fascias and soffits provide rot free roof protection

The combination of the four provides a defence in depth approach to ensuring that you have no leaks and that your property is protected for the long term.


Some people refer to fascias, soffits, gutter and bargeboards as PVCu, PVCue or uPVC that can confuse many people. This is just referring to these sections as plastics. The additional term “u” refers to “unplasticised” meaning that the material is not pliable. The term “e” refers to “expanded” and this variety of plastics is usually lighter and thicker due to this expanded or foamed layer.

Wirral Gutter Repair

Our guttering specialists will not only install new gutters, fascias, soffits and bargeboards but they can also repair and conduct any required maintenance on your existing ones. A leaky or overflowing gutter is not something that you want on your property and can lead to other issues and damage elsewhere on your property. We will ensure that your property remains weatherproof and secure.