New Bungalow Roof in Greasby Wirral

Here we are going to replace the roof on this bungalow and as you can see we have the scaffolding up and are ready to start. This roof although tiled with a modern kind of tile has come to the end of its life due to several reasons. The first being the tiles have started Continue Reading »

Garage Door Replacement Bebington

Here we have an old up and over garage door and frame that needs replacing. Here we are replacing the up and over with side mounted wooden doors onto a new frame. These are easier for the customer to gain access and provide some natural light into the garage. Garage Door Replacement Bebington was last Continue Reading »

Brickwork overhaul Wallasey

This brickwork is in need of attention so we have removed the damaged bricks and raked out the old soft mortar ready for re-pointing. Here are some of the tools we use for mortar and brick removal. The grinder has a special attachment which helps reduce the amount of dust created when carrying out this Continue Reading »

Fascia boards and Gutter Replacement in Wallasey

As you can see we have removed the old gutter and fascia and are ready to install the new PVC Products. The New PVC Fascia has been fitted and we are now installing the guttering. We have extended the amount of guttering to be replaced into next door free of charge as the neighbour was Continue Reading »

Crested Ridge Replacement in Hertford Drive Wallasey

As you can see from the picture above the ridge tiles on this property are miss matched and some have been broken. We have sourced a full set of crested ridge including a finial from an architectural salvage yard which are in top condition to replace the existing ones. As with all major roof repair Continue Reading »

Chimney stack overhaul in Hertford Drive Wallasey

As with all major building maintenance and repair jobs in the construction industry, we have scaffolding erected for health and safety purposes and ease of access.¬† Here we have a tower ready to start work on a chimney stack that is in a bad state of repair. There are cracked and blown bricks that need Continue Reading »