Are you suffering from yet another leaking flat roof on the Wirral? 

We have dealt with hundreds of these calls across the Wirral over the years and there is a long-term solution to this.

✔︎ Affordable, long lasting solution

✔︎ Durable in all weathers and conditions

✔︎ Short installation times compared to other solutions

✔︎ Minimal maintenance

✔︎ Pleasing to the eye 

✔︎ Worry free installation without gas and open flames 

Don't repeat the errors of the past. Opt for something better

You don't want to be replacing this roof any time in the near future so don't allow inferior techniques to be used when looking into a new roof. 

Felt roofing is an old technique

  There have been advances in materials that felt can't live up to

  The lifespan of felt is shorter than newer techniques

  Felt roofing requires seams which introduces more potential points of failure

  Felt can leech harmful chemicals into run-off water

GRP roofing improves on felt but comes with its own flaws

GRP can be a more expensive solution for your roof

GRP roofing can fade over time with exposure to sunlight

GRP typically takes longer to install than EPDM rubber roofing

What are the costs?

Whats the cost of not fixing this or getting the result they want?

Quantify this as much as possible

EPDM Rubber Roofing provides a hardwearing roof for a great price

✔︎ Drastically reduced chance of leaks with EPDMs seamless installation.

✔︎ No need to waste your time with maintenance, rubber is flexible and withstands temperature changes.

✔︎ More affordable than GRP with comparable lifespan and durability.

✔︎ Peace of mind during installation as no open flames are necessary like with felt roofing.

Step 1

Call for a free quote today 

Our team will call you back to answer any questions you may have and will book a date to asses the job and provide a quote.

Step 2

We will install your EPDM Rubber Roof

Once the job has been agreed and you're happy to proceed we can install your EPDM rubber roof. Installation is safe and easy with no need for open flames being used your roof space.

Step 3

Enjoy a lifetime free from a leaky roof

Sit back and look at your new EPDM rubber roof and be the envy of your neighbours with your new roof. 

You're one message away from an EPDM Rubber Roof